Commercial & Industrial Solar for South Africa


SolarReserve’s Energy Solutions division in South Africa provides turnkey, grid-tied and off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop, ground-mounted, and carport solutions to South African commercial and industrial entities that will significantly reduce their energy costs, carbon footprint, and provide predictability in terms of budgets. The company’s in-house team takes care of every part of the project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring. Solar solutions, including options for battery backup, are available for commercial and industrial projects with larger than 500 kilowatts peak (kWp) load demand. 

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Why Solar?

South Africa boasts one of the best solar resources in the world, a largely untapped resource that can be harnessed to benefit your bottom line. Here are some reasons why solar PV makes sense for your business:

  • Provides long term energy savings
  • Mitigates risk related to future municipal tariff uncertainty
  • Provides a clean, renewable energy supply that will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Offers a less expensive and greener alternative to diesel power generation
  • Quick to implement

Partner with the industry leader

SolarReserve’s worldwide reach and proven experience in developing solar power projects gives businesses in South Africa the advantage of a global company with the assurance of a local presence.

  • SolarReserve has been awarded 346 MW of projects in South Africa, with 246 MW installed and operating: the Lesedi, Letsatsi and Jasper projects.
  • SolarReserve's experienced team of power project professionals has assembled an extensive global development portfolio of 13 gigawatts (GW) across the world's most attractive, high growth renewable energy markets.
  • The company currently has more than $1.8 billion of projects in operation worldwide.
  • SolarReserve’s experienced management team has a proven track record of success in the energy infrastructure sector with over 27 GW and $48 billion of transaction experience in 25 countries.

We make it easy

  • Eliminate risk with no capital outlay and no operational costs
  • Turnkey solution, with one contact person
  • Quick turnaround time from agreement to installation to energy generation
  • We handle all operations and maintenance

What Happens Next?

  1. Perform a solar feasibility study
    SolarReserve’s experienced engineers will assess the feasibility of a rooftop, ground-mount or carport solar system.
  2. Sign power purchase agreement
    We can structure a financial deal to suit your needs. Options include a power purchase agreement, or alternatively purchase of the equipment as a company asset. The SolarReserve team will explain in detail the financial option agreement before both parties sign.
  3. Create a detailed solar design
    We will design a bespoke solution to optimise your energy requirements.
  4. Solar plant procurement and construction
    Capitalise on SolarReserve’s extensive supplier and contractor base, ensuring the best quality products and work done to exceptional standards.
  5. Operate and maintain your solar plant
    For your peace of mind, SolarReserve has factored the operation and maintenance of your solar system into the energy tariff. The entire system will be monitored remotely from our central station, ensuring optimal operation and efficiency of the plant.

How do I start?

If you wish to determine if solar PV would be an efficient solution to your company’s energy needs, kindly call us at +27 11 582 6901 or send us an e-mail at and a representative will contact you shortly.