SolarReserve provides power utilities and large industrial energy users with reliable, renewable energy to help them meet growing energy consumption needs. Our customers and partners include utility companies, independent power companies, large industrial users, e.g., mining operations, as well as finance companies.

SolarReserve’s energy storage technology is a viable, zero emission, fully dispatchable addition to the traditional mix of coal, nuclear or natural gas burning electricity generation facilities and can meet the global need for reliable, safe, carbon-free energy that is available on-demand, day and night. The deployment of this technology brings additional benefits to local and global economies through the creation of jobs, greater energy security, cleaner environments and a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come. With more than $1.8 billion of projects in operation globally, SolarReserve is delivering renewable energy solutions that not only generate clean power, but also provide energy independence and a predictable cost of electricity production for 20 or more years.

Understanding that each application is unique, SolarReserve offers complete end-to-end solar power solutions in a variety of system designs to provide cost-effective, reliable energy options to meet customer needs

Energy Infrastructure Asset Investors

SolarReserve has established itself as a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects and advanced solar thermal technology. It has developed and secured long-term power contracts for 775 MW of solar projects representing $3.4 billion of project capital. A seasoned management team is at the core of SolarReserve’s success, having built more than 27 GW, with $48 billion of transaction experience in 25 countries.

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Utility Industry

SolarReserve’s industry-leading solar thermal technology features an integrated molten salt energy storage system that provides a stable and predictable electricity dispatch similar to that of conventional utility power facilities—without any associated harmful environmental emissions or volatile fuel costs. Additionally, our solar thermal power plants with integrated energy storage are cost-competitive with most new build fossil fuel or nuclear technology.

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Mining Industry

SolarReserve’s proven technology delivers a cost-effective, reliable and most importantly, a baseload supply of electricity that is critical to mining operations. This innovative approach to clean power generation provides the mining sector with a reliable, 24 x 7 power supply, to help them displace the high price of conventional electricity generation and hedge against fuel price increases in remote locations.

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Commercial & Industrial Solar for South Africa

SolarReserve is committed to helping businesses across Africa thrive by offering predictable, long-term energy rates that protect them from rising electricity costs and price volatility. SolarReserve’s worldwide reach and proven experience in developing solar power projects gives businesses the advantage of a global company with the assurance of a local presence.

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