Press Releases

SolarReserve Receives $2.0 Million Award from U.S. Department of Energy to Advance American Innovation in Solar Thermal Technology

October 25, 2018

Award provides R&D funding for next generation heliostat technology to lower cost of dispatchable solar electricity that’s available day and night

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SolarReserve Teams with Heliostat SA to Create South Australian Jobs

September 17, 2018

Companies form partnership to support manufacture of over 12,000 massive mirror assemblies in South Australia for the Aurora Solar Energy Project

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SolarReserve Applauds Partner Sandia National Laboratories' 40 Years of Solar Thermal Power Research

July 28, 2018

Long-term public-private collaboration has fueled innovations in advanced heliostat solutions that deliver industry leading performance at a competitive price point

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SolarReserve is a Katerva 2018 Award Winner for Innovation in Energy and Power

June 08, 2018

The mission of Katerva is to find, evaluate and accelerate disruptive sustainable innovations from around the world

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