Charles D. Diep

VP, Technical Services
Charles D. Diep
Charles D. Diep is SolarReserve’s Vice President of Engineering, responsible for providing Engineering and Technical Services on various stages of Project Development and Plant Operation, including Performance Analysis.

Diep has nearly 30 years of engineering and consulting experience characterized by successful completion of numerous technical projects for small to fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from energy, chemical, aggregates, pulp and paper, electronics, semiconductors, biomedical, polymer processing and other manufacturing processes. 

Since joining SolarReserve in 2009, he has completed numerous value engineering analyses, as well as evaluated and recommended design specifications and operational approaches to the company’s molten salt central receiver technology. Diep has collaborated with numerous engineering firms on project specifications, design and due diligence. In conjunction with EPC contractors, Diep has directly participated in project configuration and objectives, design and design review, value engineering and feasibility analyses, contract performance guarantees and acceptance testing. 

Diep and his team have developed an internal plant performance model for SolarReserve’s molten salt power tower technology in cooperation with engineers from Rocketdyne. His team is responsible for performance verification, monitoring and optimization of the company’s operating plants. They also support engineering and technical needs on various project development activities throughout the world. 

Diep holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a licensed mechanical engineer in California since 1994.