SolarReserve is passionate about protecting our planet and providing a healthy and secure future for generations to come.

With construction and development activities worldwide, SolarReserve is providing renewable energy solutions that not only generate clean energy, but also cultivate economic growth for communities around the world. SolarReserve’s goal is to have its global projects achieve high levels of local job creation and content through local supply chains. The company’s Crescent Dunes project in the U.S. is a prime example, having created over 4,300 direct, indirect and induced jobs over the life of the project, with peak on-site employment of over 1,000 construction jobs.

From a corporate perspective, SolarReserve is committed to supporting the communities that are or could be home to its solar power projects. The SolarReserve team has positively impacted many communities around the world through career development, internships, corporate sponsorships, corporate donations and community outreach programs. Serving our communities is a core component of the SolarReserve corporate culture.


Bringing Power to Off-Grid Homes

Installing solar PV panels to provide electricity to homes without access to the grid

Groenwater, Northern Cape

Electricity is taken for granted by the majority of us around the world but there are still a large number of people who don’t have access to electricity in rural areas of Africa. Only 88% of South African households have access to electricity. Our solar PV housing project aims to connect as many homes within a 50km radius of our Jasper project site, as possible. This ongoing project has already resulted in over 55 homes connected to date, with many of the homeowners gaining access to electricity for the first time in their lives!

Refentse Primary School

On-going commitment to improving Refentse Primary School in Groenwater

Groenwater, Northern Cape

Refentse Primary School is located just 5km away from the Jasper Solar Power Project. To date we have paved the playground, refurbished the bathrooms, built a multi-purpose court for tennis, netball and basketball, provided desks, chairs and eating utensils for all the pupils and teachers, levelled the school grounds and helped to create a basic gardening area as well as installing a solar borehole irrigation system. The school is gradually transforming and is a focal point for the community. SolarReserve is committed to a long-term partnership with the school to continue the positive momentum, and help grow the student population.

Rooftop Solar Project at the Kuilsville High School

Kuilsville High School saves 50% of electricity costs with new rooftop solar PV installation

Daniëlskuil, Northern Cape

The successful rooftop solar installation at Kuilsville High School in the Northern Cape has enabled the school to employ an extra full time security guard, with the savings on their electricity bill. The Afrikaans/English bilingual school teaches students from grades 8 to 12 from the Tlhakalatlou, Lime Acres and Kuilsville Townships. Principal Steenkamp is a proud advocate of the renewable solution and actively encourages his students to learn more about solar technology.

Phambili Basie Contractors Grass Cutting and PV Panel Cleaning Business

Supporting Enterprise Development on-site at the Jasper Solar PV Plant

Postmasburg, Northern Cape

Phambili Basie Contractors and Projects Ltd have been awarded two contracts at the Jasper PV Plant in the Northern Cape, supplying grass cutting and PV panel cleaning services. The business, majority owned by Juliet Basie, has grown significantly with the support of the Jasper Power Company who provided essential equipment, including commercial mowers and water trailers, which has helped develop this fledgling business into a prosperous one. Initially employing 22 part-time employees, they have now been able to provide 15 employees with full-time permanent jobs. Juliet and her team are hoping to secure more contracts in the region in the near future.

Kgatelopele Library, Danielskuil

Learning Center for Kgatelopele Library

Danielskuil, Northern Cape

Kgatelopele is the only library located in Danielskuil and serves over 10,000 people. At the request of Danielskuil Municipality we have been providing ongoing support to help develop the library into a vital learning center for children and adults. We have donated educational toys for the children, encyclopedias for those studying, as well as computers and a printer for all in the community to use. Currently a new building is being built by the Municipality to house the library. We hope to support the library further with resources during their transition into their new premises.

Partnering with ‘Food & Trees for Africa’

Helping Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) improve lives and landscapes towards healthy people on a healthier planet

Johannesburg, South Africa

Through the Food & Trees for Africa organization, the SolarReserve team helped to plant trees and vegetables in Alexandra’s community garden located near the Jukskei River, one of the largest rivers in Johannesburg. By planting these trees it is estimated that the whole team’s efforts will offset approximately 36.9 tons of carbon dioxide as well as bringing many other benefits to the residents of Alexandra.

Nelson Mandela Day at Zama Montessori School

Helping improve the Zama Montessori School in honor of Nelson Mandela

Putfontein, South Africa

The SolarReserve team in Johannesburg, alongside the Lesedi & Letsatsi Power Company teams, volunteered together at the Zama Montessori School located in Putfontein South Africa. The volunteer project was held on International Nelson Mandela Day, to honor Nelson Mandela’s efforts to eliminate apartheid. The team constructed a new walkway to the school and garden for the children. The team also cooked and served lunch for all the children and volunteers who participated. SolarReserve donated school books and school bags for all 75 children, writing and art kits and teaching materials, and a braai stand (BBQ Grill) and accessories for future lunches.

Jenn-Haven Soccer Team Sponsorship

Match Fit in New Kit

Jenn-Haven, Northern Cape

Jenn-Haven has two community soccer clubs, Jenn-Haven United FC and United Stars FC, who are registered with the Tsantsbane Soccer Association. Both teams play league matches on Saturdays and Sundays afternoons, much to the excitement of the local fans who regularly come out to support them. Not only do the teams offer some much needed entertainment to the community but the team managers are keen to develop the players from the local area, teaching them about accountability, leadership and dedication.


Students in Stirling North Learn About Solar Thermal Energy

Students in Stirling North Learn About Solar Thermal Energy

Stirling North, South Australia

Teachers at Stirling North Primary School along with SolarReserve representatives created a project for Year 3/4 students based on happenings in the Port Augusta community. The students learned about the Aurora Solar Energy Project and toured the demolition remains of the coal-fired, Augusta Power Station site. They put their new renewable energy knowledge to work by thinking of ways to build solar thermal towers and to manage environmental dust. Students built dioramas and wrote essays on their inventions. Some of the students’ innovative ideas included the use of giant squeegees and high-pressure hoses to clean the mirrors, building a stairwell to get up the tower, and planting fauna and grass to keep the dust down. The projects are on display in the SolarReserve field office in Port Augusta. “I think renewable energy is better than non-renewable energy because renewable energy is better for the environment, it doesn’t run out and it will provide jobs for lots of people,” states one of the students. Spoken like a future clean energy leader!

2017 Christmas Charities Including Salvation Army Lunch

2017 Christmas Charities Including Salvation Army Lunch

Port Augusta, South Australia

The SolarReserve Port Augusta team reached out to the Salvation Army to help with the Salvation Army Christmas Lunch. This lunch has been free to the community in prior years. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they did not have enough funds to provide lunch for free. SolarReserve’s donation financially supported the annual luncheon, allowing 100 community members in need to attend the lunch at no cost. In addition, SolarReserve made donations to the community emergency relief programs, Special Needs Centre, Meals on Wheels; and the Rotary Christmas Pageant.

Sponsorship of West Augusta Football Club

Sponsorship of West Augusta Football Club

Port Augusta, South Australia

With a large local workforce in Port Augusta working on the Aurora project, SolarReserve sponsors the Westies, the West Augusta Football Club, an Australian Rules Football Club competing in the Spencer Gulf Football League. This club is a wonderful place for the SolarReserve team as well as their families to spend time with neighbors and be involved in the community.

North America

Continued Partnership with Tonopah Elementary/Middle Schools

Continued Partnership with Tonopah Elementary/Middle Schools

Tonopah, NV

SolarReserve continues its ongoing support of the Tonopah Elementary and Middle Schools with the addition of two magnificent murals painted by the company’s “Solar Servers” along with members of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility Operations and Maintenance team. A third mural, about 30 years old and featuring an eagle, was touched up for a freshened look. SolarReserve donated new rain gutters and down spouts to the Elementary School building to alleviate water damage prior to painting the playground mural.

Partnership with Bright Star Schools

SolarReserve’s Long Term Partnership with Bright Star Schools

Los Angeles, CA

In addition to SolarReserve’s positive impact on its project communities, SolarReserve is also a strong advocate for employee volunteerism and philanthropy and has overseen and participated in community outreach initiatives. SolarReserve’s Santa Monica California office has hosted several team events that involve making improvements to Bright Star Charter Academy, a Title I school located in West Los Angeles. The aim of Title I is to meet the educational needs of children living in low-income households or local institutions for neglected or delinquent children. SolarReserve has also worked with Bright Star School’s Rise Kohyang Middle School. SolarReserve has committed to a long-term relationship with Bright Star Schools - with the goal of making a lasting impact in the lives of the students through projects that positively impact their environment, along with providing role models and learning opportunities through internships and student mentoring.

Sustainability Scholarship for Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy

SolarReserve Sustainability Scholarship (for Bright Star Secondary Academy)

Los Angeles, CA

SolarReserve awarded the SolarReserve Sustainability Scholarship (SSS) scholarship --a merit-based $5,000 scholarship to a college-bound senior at Bright Star School with an interest in pursuing a career concerning environmental protection and sustainability.

Dedication to Tonopah High School Athletics

SolarReserve’s dedication to Tonopah High School Athletics

Tonopah, NV

SolarReserve has shown its support for a number of Tonopah High School athletic programs including the Football Team, Golf Team, Women’ Softball Team, Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Women’s Volleyball Team, Wrestling Team and Track Team. Support has come in many ways including new uniforms, equipment, a putting green, and a new score board.

Donation of New Playground to Tonopah Elementary School

SolarReserve Donates New Playground to Tonopah Elementary School

Tonopah, NV

Aligned with SolarReserve’s philosophy to provide a healthy and secure future for generations to come, SolarReserve donated a playground to Tonopah Elementary School – an investment in the Tonopah community that will be a lasting staple towards social and physical child development for many future generations.

Annual Support of the Tonopah Elementary School and Middle School Math Programs

SolarReserve’s Annual Support of the Tonopah Elementary School and Middle School Math Programs

Tonopah, NV

SolarReserve is proud to annually support the Tonopah Elementary and Tonopah Middle School’s Renaissance Program, which aims to ensure that each student in the local community is given the optimal math and reading materials he or she needs to succeed. This investment in the community’s future is a part of SolarReserve’s ongoing efforts to support education and the youth.

Commitment to Local Tonopah Organizations

SolarReserve Gives Back to Local Organizations in Need

Tonopah, NV

SolarReserve is committed to giving back to great local Tonopah Community organizations such as The Salvation Army, First Baptist Church Commodities Bank, 4 R Kids, the Tonopah Beatification Project, The Tonopah Volunteer Fire Department, the Tonopah Senior Center, The Tonopah High School Student Council, The Beta Sigma Phi Mu Angel Tree and the Tonopah Toys for Tots Program.

Annual Support of the Jim Butler Days & Nevada State Mining Championship

SolarReserve Annual Support of the Jim Butler Days & Nevada State Mining Championship

Tonopah, NV

SolarReserve is a proud supporter of this community festival which celebrates the mining boom that brought Nevada out of a deep depression in the early 1900s. This festival commemorates an important landmark in the history of Nevada and the town of Tonopah.

Partnership with Grid Alternatives

SolarReserve and GRID Alternatives Sponsor a Family by Installing Solar on their Rooftop

Los Angeles, CA

Grid Alternatives, a non-profit organization and licensed solar installer exclusively for low-income families annually hosts. a “Solarthon” that brings together hundreds of individual, team, and corporate participants from their communities to install multiple solar energy systems alongside the homeowners. SolarReserve sponsored a home at this event, with its employees installing the photovoltaic panels on the roof of this home.

Ongoing Support for the University of California Riverside Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy Program (SC-RISE)

SolarReserve’s Ongoing Support for the University of California Riverside Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy Program (SC-RISE)

Riverside, CA

SolarReserve has provided ongoing support to this program since its foundation. SC-RISE is a magnet for solar research as well as a clearinghouse for information to drive the adoption of affordable solar energy in one of the world’s sunniest regions. The program conducts research in collaboration with government agencies and private industries to advance the state of technology in solar energy. It also trains electrical technicians, end users, college students and the public about solar energy concepts, installations, maintenance and operations. SolarReserve is committed to the success of this program.

Support for Higher Education Programs

SolarReserve Supports Higher Education: College of the Desert , UC Riverside, Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy and Great Basin College of Nevada Workforce Development Program

Riverside, CA

SolarReserve is supporting these higher education institutions program along with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment and Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Program (TAACCT) to develop a green jobs training program in the Southwest U.S.