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Kevin Smith, CEO, explains how SolarReserve is changing the way we use solar energy.


SolarReserve is committed to harnessing the power of the sun to secure a brighter future for all. We’re doing more than just providing clean, renewable energy and improving the health of the communities we serve and operate in. Solar Reserve is making sizable investments in those communities, from offering careers and providing job training to supporting museums and civic organizations.

How we’re involved:

Tonopah Elementary and Middle School

SolarReserve is proud to support the Tonopah Elementary and Tonopah Middle School’s Renaissance Program, which will aims to ensure that each student in the local community is given the optimal math and reading materials he or she needs to succeed. This investment in the community’s future is a part of SolarReserve’s ongoing efforts to support education and the youth.

University of California Riverside Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy (SC-RISE)

SolarReserve has provided ongoing support to this program since its foundation. SC-RISE is a magnet for solar research as well as a clearinghouse for information to drive the adoption of affordable solar energy in one of the world’s sunniest regions. The program conducts research in collaboration with government agencies and private industries to advance the state of technology in solar energy. It also trains electrical technicians, end users, college students and the public about solar energy concepts, installations, maintenance and operations. SolarReserve is committed to the success of this program.

College of the Desert , UC Riverside, Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy and Great Basin College of Nevada Workforce Development Program

SolarReserve is supporting these higher education institutions program along with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment and Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Program (TAACCT) to develop a green jobs training program in the Southwest U.S.

The Jim Butler Days and the Nevada State Mining Championships, Tonopah, Nevada

SolarReserve supports this community festival that commemorates the chance discovery of ore rich in silver in 1900 by Central Nevada rancher Jim Butler that sparked a mining boom to rival the fabulous days of the Comstock Lode decades earlier in Virginia City. When word of Butler’s find got out, a boom started that drew Nevada out of a deep depression. Soon, a camp called Butler grew near the site of Jim Butler’s original strike near Tonopah Spring. Tonopah annually honors its beginnings during Jim Butler Days, scheduled by the Tonopah Chamber of Commerce each Memorial Day weekend.

Earth Day Expo 2011: Billion Acts of Green

SolarReserve supported this K-Earth 101 FM and Los Angeles Zoo family event that encouraged Southern California families to learn about our planet and those we share it with through educational booths, games, crafts and live entertainment in an earth-friendly environment.

Butterfield Stage Days, Gila Bend, Arizona

SolarReserve supports the local Butterfield Stage Days festival in Gila Bend, Arizona. The Benson/San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce began celebrating Butterfield Overland Stage Days in 1986. Although the stage only ran between Benson and Dragoon, Arizona, for two years from 1858 and 1859, the Buttefield overland Stage mail route was one of the turning points in American history. Before that time any U.S. Mail bound for western localities was transported by ship across the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, where it was freighted across the small country to the Pacific and put back on a ship which then departed for points in California.

GRID Alternatives Los Angeles Solarthon

Solarthon is an annual solar installation block party and fundraiser for GRID Alternatives—a non-profit organization and licensed solar installer exclusively for low-income families. Solarthon brings together hundreds of individual, team, and corporate participants from their communities to install multiple solar energy systems alongside the homeowners. SolarReserve sponsored a home at this event, with its employees installing the photovoltaic panels on the roof of this home.

Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo, Brawley, California

Community event to maintain and improve Cattle Call Park and to use the rodeo itself as a vehicle to aid in the fund-raising efforts of service clubs and organizations. Those organizations, in turn, give back to the community through their projects, scholarships and philanthropies.

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